Sunday, July 29, 2012

Medical Tourism - A free service

“Medical Tourism is yet another growing business where people travel from one place to another for medical services”

To be precise medical tourism is defined as an act of traveling abroad to receive medical, dental and cosmetic care. It is also known as Medical Travel, Health Tourism, Surgical Tourism, Health Travel, Medical Outsourcing and Medical Value Travel. Significantly lower costs for best practice care are usually the primary motivation in medical tourism although some medical tourists go abroad for immediate availability of procedures and for treatments that are not available in their home country.
In Nepal Proficient Travel (P.)Ltd has started this new service to facilitate the outbound medical tourists.

Shweta Shahi, Medical Branch Organizational Director, Proficient Travel (P.) Ltd says, “Medical Tourism is all about service and catering the needs of our clients. We help people who need our assistance, we manage their travel from the starting point to the end with in comfort and relaxation that too FREE of cost. It’s very incontinent to travel abroad with no preparation and at times it can be hectic. With our service, we have devised a mechanism that works to be effective and efficient. Our services starts from the point of you showing interests till the time your  travel trip is over in between this we provide free service from beginning consultation to trip management to doctor’s appointments to accommodation and supervision.  We do everything for you.”

How did it start?
India is famous for its world class medical services and facilities. Due to its low cost services people from all over the world come here for treatments. Medical tourism started as goodwill. We use to assist our friends and families. What we realized was when you travel abroad you have loads and loads of tension you don’t want to be occupied with unnecessary tension of managing your needs and helping others the network was set up, we knew what, when and how to do it? Perhaps, reality is Medical tourism is a huge business in India and like said when there is a demand there is a supply.

What are the services?
The services basically include pick up, supervision, fixing appointments, accommodation and any other services that the client wants. Once you come to our office in Kathmandu with your reports. We consult the doctors and hospitals and give you a detail report and we manage your trip.  All the services mentioned above are for FREE. We do not charge the client except for personal requests. 

 Is it free or does it has any hidden cost? 
Yes, the services are FREE except if you have some personal request only then we charge nominal cost. Medical tourism is a booming business in India, patients have to pay their bills to the hospitals and if you are getting this service and facilities for free with us then I think it’s a great opportunity to be hassle free. If anyone needs our service one can contact us and we start the consultation process from Nepal.
Future Prospective:
We want to adapt this service to the organization level , as there is no cost involved and people can go for their medical travel with ease. Reality of today when you go out for medical purpose you have loads and loads of tension regarding accommodation, food, appoints and we take care of all those things so that you can focus on the treatment with ease.  

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