Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seto Gumba (Druk Amitabh Mountain) - A Panoramic Kaleidoscope

Located in the midst of vivid terrain and lush GREEN valley, Seto Gumba (Druk Amitabh Mountain) or white monastery is a heaven to witness the sunrise and sunset. Just located on the outskirts of Kathmandu, the Seto Gumba is a panoramic kaleidoscope of colors and rich culture that showcases the valley in the most spectacular way. Druk Amitabha Mountain was initially dedicated to Amitabha Buddha. It was supposed to be build in Boudhanath but due to the issues and objection by the civil aviation the idea was dropped from there and was shift to the current place.  The Druk Amitabha Mountain is home to Druk Gawa Khilwa Nunnery where more than 300 nuns ranging from 6 to 60 live and practice Buddhism. They come here from remote places in Tibet, Ladakh, Lahaul, Bhutan and Sikkim where every day, their life starts from 3 AM till 11 PM.  The Druk Amitabha Mountain is also a center for spiritual practice with a multi-purpose pillar-free assembly hall capacity of 2000 people.

 Looking at it from a traveler’s point of view Seto Gumba is bliss of astounding natural rejuvenation that searches excitement as well as calmness. Endorsed with a rich Tibetan culture and architecture, it splurges vivid colors in the murals, statue and paintings professing Buddhism and its techniques.

One can get nostalgic in the presence of finding and seeing the explicit environment that melds you in its presence. Winds shouting out loud and the music of scenic views and panoramic existence makes you think of the values of life.  You are just stalled to witness and spend time watching and admiring the art and craft where it’s relaxing as well as rejuvenating. 

Most important the smell of instant sticks, sounds and prayer flags gives you the essence of peace, patience, and calmness. The more interesting are the visuals that overlook the valley in a synchronizing way of contouring the old cultural heritage with the increasing encroachment of the concrete jungle. You can just admire the beauty to the vagueness of valley scattered below.

The abstraction of the valley can be well judged from there that looks colorful, glossy and glamorous. Regarding food and beverages, the white monastery has a well facilitated and clean restaurant that serves decent food items with a catered service.  Low priced and healthy, one can really enjoy the taste and price to the optimum level. It also has a souvenir shop and eventually a guesthouse with about 27 rooms. With no registration fee Seto Gumba is worth spending time. At times when the weather is clear and if luck is on your side you can even see the mountain range smiling telling you the epic stories. 

For directions you can take any bus to Sita Paila and then to IchanguNarayan, which is readily available from any place in the valley. Its takes about 1 hr and 20 min car drive from core of Kathmandu valley to head White Monastery. Once you get there within minutes you can see the edifice standing tall in a small hill. From the top, the spectacular view of Swayoumbhu Nath and Kathmandu city looks beautiful to its own presence. The growing concrete Jungle with houses scattered everywhere seems exciting as well as enthralling where it looks like a picturesque shot. 

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